How do you stop the 'blink' when using a repeater?

I have created a repeater with two containers. Set the dataset to ‘read-only’ and display only 2 items. I have added animation to the containers; and also connected a pagination bar attached to the same dataset to advance the pictures - so far so good. When you either preview it or look at the ‘live’ version - as the ‘user’ moves the pagination bar - the pictures ‘blink’ or ‘flash’ before the animation kicks in.

How can I fix this please?
Here’s the site: -

The onReady function is called twice between browser and Wix. This shows you how to clean it up so it doesn’t try loading twice every time upon load, causing flickers. Hope this helps.

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Also try adding a timer delay for the element to load using the ‘debounce’ command so that the element doesn’t start loading until all the items are ready.

This video is a tutorial to query a search for your database collections but it shows how to add the time delay using debounce. Good luck.

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Thank you for this Nelson Martinez, I have tried playing around with the debounce timer - it seems to make the gallery slider better, but the ‘blink’ is still there. What am I doing wrong??