How much effort is it to create a custom start-page with custom js/css?


We are in the process of evaluating, how easy it would be for our company to migrate our WebSite to Wix.
The first question that comes to mind is:
How easy would it be, to get implement start-page? (I am not yet allowed to post links - our domain is logoleonde)
After a fullscreen html5 intro-video, the startpage uses a js-library parallax.js that creates a parallax effect in the background.
Glancing at it, its rather quite different than what Wix offers with the “parallax scrolling feature”:

  • The effect is triggered on mouse movements rather than scrolling
  • its a 2 dimensional effect, rather than just in the vertical direction.

I’m completely new to Wix - My current assumption is, that the easiest solution would invole just straight away including the same implementation/library within Wix.
Is that possible - or does Wix offer another (better?) way?
Is there a documentation based upon which a developer could work?
How much dev time would be required?

Additional Question:
how would you integrate a service like RapidMail?

Wenn du von WP auf Wix umsteigen willst, dann wirst du deine Kodierweise ebenfalls umstellen und anpassen müssen.

How much dev time would be required?
Auch hier sei gesagt, das das erstellen einer qualitativ hochwertigen Seite sicherlich nicht im Handumdrehen passieren wird.

In wix you can integrate 3-party-services. Surely it also should be possible to integrate —> RapidMail.

You should then look for the following…

I would say almost everything is possible to code in Wix/Velo, but you will also have situations where you will have to find WORKAROUNDS to break boundaries.

See the Getting Started category for links to good onboarding material.

To learn about programming with Velo, read the following articles that will help you start working with Velo:

To integrate RapidMail, see the Sendgrid NPM Integration example which shows how to integrate a similar email service.