How to activate CTA Button (Read More) in repeaters. Please Help Me.

Hi, All

I need little help, I am working on Spices Website and I make a Dynamic Page in this site with Data collection. I am a little stuck up on this site.

I need to know how can I activate/link Button in repeaters and connect with another page.

I mean: If I choose “Black pepper powder” in my product range and click on the CTA button(“Read more”), So my page jumps to the “Black pepper powder” page where I mention some more information of Black Pepper Powder with the image.

I hope you understand, my problem. Please guide me on how can I resolve this issue.
Thank you and Have a nice day!


S. Kainth

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Did you connected the button to dataset. If you connected the button to dataset and then to corresponding link field in the database, it should work.

Hi, Thrishti. Thanks for this information. :slight_smile: