How to add a comprehensive Boolesh List to the content manager?

I am working on an Editor X site: in my content manager, I would like to add a “#Boolesh list” where I can tick either YES or NO for a service provided by an employee, which is then displayed on the corresponding dynamic page. Any ideas on how this could be realized?

Generating your database.
Navigating to the DB-Field you want to…
Changing the Field-Type to → boolean

Now you have a boolean DB-Field.

Thank you for your answer. I was unclear with my question: I would like to have checkbox with different, multiple values (in my case: services of an employee) which can be either ticked or unticked in the content manager, and consequently display the ticked services on my dynamic pages.

Your SETUP should be like the following…
-you have a DATABASE
-your DATABASE is connected with your dynamic page trough a DATASET
-in your DATABASE you will have a BOOLEAN-DATAFIELD where you store your “boolean” values.

Now code on your dynamic-page:

		let myItemData = $w('#myDynamicDatasetIDhere').getCurrentItem();

Now take a look into your CONSOLE.
Open the given RESULTS (3-dots).
Search for the ID of your BOOLEAN-DATAFIELD.

Now add a new code-line after → console.log(myItemData);


What can you see in CONSOLE ?

Try to continue using this logical way of coding. :wink: