How to allow visitors to force "open in new tab" via browser using simple keyboard command, like most websites do?

Hi there!

When I’m surfing websites, one thing I often like to do is to force my browser to open a link in a new tab using a simple keyboard command (e.g., by hitting COMMAND on my Mac while clicking). But I notice I can’t do this on my Wix site, which is annoying.

To be a little more specific, I can force this by hitting CONTROL while clicking the link and then selecting “Open Link in New Tab” from the menu that then pops up in Chrome or Firefox. But what I want is to be able to just do the 1-step version above.

Could anyone please help me figure out how to allow this?

(Note: I have set up different links to open up in a new window or the same window depending on my own preferences for how users would engage, and I understand that part; what I’m asking is why Wix prevents the use of this keyboard command function, and how I can get my site to allow it.)

Thanks so much!! :slight_smile: – Meg

I would love any help with this – thanks so much! My Weebly sites all allow the command+click function to open any link in a new tab, and I want my Wix site to allow this as well.

has there been a solution to this yet? if not, how? This and allowing code to make a link to open in a window/tab seems very important.

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You can look at doing this through target as shown here.$w.LinkableMixin.html

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