How to change Mobile Action Bar colors?

Looking for example and code sample to change the icon and background of the mobile action bar.

$w. onReady ( function () { // Change the color of the quickactionbar1 $w( ‘#mobileQuickActionBar1’ ).style.backgroundColor = ‘#ff0000’ ; });

Posting this into Master.js

Nothing seems to be working, hoping for a quick solution to this, icon color and background color for the circle quick action bar (custom action) for the mobile site version.


Still seeking some assistance currently what ive tested in Masterpage.js.


Still seeking some assistance. Anyone able to help?

Still seeking some advice for this, hoping someone in the community can give a quick hand on this.


@sash-s Style is a read only property. I also have no clue how to set the color of the custom action to anything but yellow. The quick action menu is completely useless…

wix we need to be able to change the color of the action bar from something other then yellow. why would you do that? change recommended and are looking forward to seeing the new action tabs with more options, otherwise what is the point? also would be nice to organize it how we want meaning if we dont want a message box or if we want to move it to the middle or to the left we should be able to, why so many limitations?