How to change the language of a template

I´m trying to make a simple blog style site to summarize all delivery services available in my city during this lockdown, so I started with the basic templates from Wix, but I quickly realize that they are very limited, so I switched to the advanced editor using Corvid. Everything was going kind of fine, but I stumble upon a problem I can´t solve: The site is supposed to be 100% in Spanish, however most of the pre-defined sections of the templates are in English, even when I switched the preferences of the site to Spanish. So phrases and words like: All Posts, Subscribe, Login, Profile, etc., can´t be changed or at least I can´t change them. Is there something I´m missing or I should get access to the code to be able to change these words? As I mentioned, I´m a total newcomer to site building and I know nothing about code, but I think I can handle some simple changes in some lines if I can manage to get access to the code (or at least I think I can).

Any help will be much appreciated,
(I hope I made sense since English is not my first language).