how to connect rich text to internal link ?

I would like in my text box column, connect a word to a internal page for exemple
but is not possible…

I underlined the text and clicked on the hypertext icon to connect it but it does not work …

(its say NONE and Choose from the list of options…)
What is that list of options ?

How to ?

Someone to help me ?

Not sure how you are doing this, but it works just fine for me:

If you need further details or clarification, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care , as they know best.

Hi and thx… I can connect the same as your example (is a external link), and in my previous photo, it’s the 2nd choice (web adress), but…

I want it to give me the choice to connect to an existing internal page of my website or anchor for exemple …

It seems to me to be just the basis of the principle of hypertext link. It works perfectly on static page, why not in the rich text in dynamic page ?

@bestofdenis From your screenshot, you were attempting to do it differently that I did.

As this is not a Corvid coding issue, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care for clarification.

Hi Yisrael
support has just told me that this functionality does not exist!
it is unthinkable and I can confirm that this is really the responsibility of Wix Data, therefore of Corvid.

Can you develop this basic functionality ?!
Thank you :slight_smile:

@bestofdenis Wishlist Page is the new official platform for requesting new features. Feel free to make your feature request there.