How to create payment packages for my site members

Good morning ! I come to ask for your help to create packages with direct payments for the members of my site. the second step is that as soon as a member takes a package his account is automatically credited with the credit value of said package, but also as soon as he uses his credits it counts down to 0 (no more credits available). help me with wix code proposals. thank you.

You can first offer these packages using Wix pricing plans .

Displaying these on a page for members to purchase, and then coding it so on payment successful, you add a certain number to a database with their info. So for example if I purchase the a plan with 5 credits, my user email and credits are added to a database.

Here is some example code on how it could be done.

import wixPaidPlans from 'wix-paid-plans';
import wixData from 'wix-data';

$w.onReady(function () {
$w("#button").onClick(()=> {
    wixPaidPlans.purchasePlan("planId") // you can get the plan id from the paid plans db
    .then((results)=> {
        if (results.wixPayStatus === "Successful") {
            let toInsert = {
                email: "userEmail",
                credits: 5
            wixData.insert("DBNAME", toInsert)
            .then((res)=> {

Here are some more helpful links -
Wix Data
Wix Paid Plans

Hello Jarod! Happy New Year. I was sick that’s why I did not respond to your comment since the day you posted it. Thank you for your idea, imagine that I had the same idea but I did not know how to unfold it with the wix velo code. I will try to adapt your idea to my situation and I will get back to you.

Hello there! It is an old post but I was wondering if you had found a way to create a credited value system for WIX?

Would really appreciate any help!