How to display a 12 month calendar

Hello I am new to this forum. Here is what I need help with.
The website I’m trying to create is for a condo on Siesta Key in Florida. It is the Siesta Breakers condominium complex. My email is
The website has photos and information about it and what the rates are. If someone is interested in at certain week that is available I want them to email me so I can answer any questions and start the booking process. I do not want them to be able to book a week online. Most event or booking calendars like Wix Hotels have a search bar at the top to see if a specific date is available and shows one month at a time. I want a calendar that shows all 12 months at the same time.
By being able to see the entire year or half year the search bar isn’t necessary.
Here is an example
This calendar shows 4 months at a time and you can scroll right to see the other months. This would work too. I like how there is a little legend at the top to show what colors available and unavailable is. And I like how the daily rate is shown when the unit is available.
When somebody rents the unit I will have to edit the calendar to change the color of that week and keep it updated.
Does anybody have any ideas on how to do that?
Thank you