How to display category on repeater?

I can simply link image to cover, text to title, etc and all of them will display on repeater. But there’s no option to link text to category.

How to display category on repeater?

thank you

to be clear, for example i have categories with these labels:

  • category ABC
  • category XYZ

i want to display those category labels to a text, inside repeater.

it seems i could use CORVID to display category label

but that support page gave no example

I have the same issue. I’m using the blog for multiple purposes (news, workshops, classes) but there is no way to display a specific category (since WIX removed the sub-category feature). So, I’m using buttons to display specific categories however, for the user, there is no way of knowing which category they are on (label). so, I have a text field, I want to populate with the category label. Setting the button (onClick) is not good as this means the URL link is lost and I have to set this manually within the Corvid code and for some reason, this method refreshes the page whereas adding the link within the WIX button link available, only refreshes the blog (which is what I want). So, you can see, that refreshing the page, effectively, negates the updated text! If you solved this issue, please do let me know.