How to Get Uploaded Video Resolution?

    function uploadVideos() {
        console.log(`${$w("#uploadVideoButton").value.length > 1 ? 'Videolar' : 'Video'} yükleniyor...`);
            .then((uploadedFiles) => {
                uploadedFiles.forEach(uploadedFile => {
                    const fileName = uploadedFile.fileName;
                    const resolution = "1080";
                    const fileUrl = `${fileName}/${resolution}p/mp4/file.mp4`;
                    console.log("Video Url: " + fileUrl);

                console.log(`${$w("#uploadVideoButton").value.length > 1 ? 'Videolar' : 'Video'} başarıyla yüklendi.`);

                if ($w("#uploadResimButton").value.length > 0) {
                } else {
            .catch((uploadError) => {
                console.log("Dosya Hatası: " + uploadError.errorCode);

I have a code like above. This code takes the uploaded video file and converts it to URL and prints it to the console. However, I have a problem. const resolution = “1080”; The code in the part is the code that determines the resolution of the video. I set it to 1080 by default, but users can upload video in different resolution, which will cause the URL to be incorrect. Long story short I need an API to find out the resolution of uploaded videos. I’ve looked a lot on Velo’s API site but couldn’t find an article and API about getting the resolution of the video. Please help.