How to implement flash/javascript banners?


I added an affiliate banner via iFrame to my website, but on the live page, the banner is not visible, It´s not visible in the editor as well. In purpose to test the iFrame feature I used another banner, it works just fine. Maybe there´s some issue with the javascript code? I guess it has nothing to do with the flash, because the non-flash banner also doesn´t work. To be honest I´m astonished about not finding anything regarding this topic on Google and the WIX Support. It´s a common thing to use affiliate links. Anyways… this is the banner:


Hi Paul,

Welcome to Wix Code forum.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for third party code as it has nothing to do with Wix code.

However in general, the most common problem is mixed content (trying to load non secure content over secure connection) and as I can see, your code contains non secure (http) urls that might cause this.

You can either modify the code to use https, or remove the security certificate from your site

For more assistance, please contact the third party code developer.

Hi Paul:
Just to confirm Ido’s feedback. If you open up your browser developer console you will see the error messages that the code is throwing: