How to integrate Prefinery with Wix


I have instructions how to integrate Prefinery with Wix but step No 4 (JavaScript web API)

is not clear to me, I don’t know where to paste code. Do I need to paste in dashboard/settings/custom code or I need to write extra API in the editor?
Can someone help me with how to do that and tell me step by step how to write code if is needed?
Here is instruction:

Hello. If you read through step 4 again on the link you provided you will see that they are pasting the code in through the custom code area in the dashboard of your site.

The next chunk of code they are saying to paste in after that first snippet in step 4. If this doesn’t work you may have to reach out to their support about the article.

Hello Amanda I pasted code in the custom code in the settings on the dashboard but I think that is not working.
The Prefinery support say that I need to use
“$w” instead of “document.getElementById” but in the code I get many issues.
That way is not working.

Hi Amanda you are allright :slight_smile:
I’m put the code in the custom code in the dashboard. Now is working :slight_smile: