How to make 2 languages possible on wix blog

Hello everyone,

I recently started a blog with two different languages.
It worked fine with the simple stuff (creating menus with buttons and etc) but at the end I encountered two problems I can’t get rid off.

  1. When clicking on a custom feed post on one of the pages, it sends the user right back to the main blog page. Now that’s a problem because the main blog can only display one language.

  2. When you get to the main blog page, there is an internal menu built of blog categories. You can’t hide the menu or modify it. Therefore, what you get is a mixed language menu, and that’s problem number two.

Waiting for your great solutions,
Thanks in advance!


Did you ever find a solution? I’m struggling with the same problem.

This forum is for code related issues on your page, your issue is about the Wix Blog which is a Wix app, therefore you are better suited contacting Wix Support for help and reading through Wix Supports own help pages for the Wix Blog.

thanks for your post, @givemeawhisky . I had already read quite a few support pages. from what I gathered the app itself does not yet work neatly with Wix Multilingual, hence my conclusion that it must be solved via Corvid. I assumed that there’d be a users-help-users platform here for that, since many people set up a Wix page cause they can’t code their own, and then at some point dabble in Corvid to achieve certain functionalities. I somehow can’t imagine the WIx Support telling me how solve problems with the code… but I ll give it a shot. Can you recommend any other platform where I might receive help with issues like that? Isn’t the Wix-implementation of JS still a bit too special for being solved on stackoverflow or alike?

Just in case, the link to my issue: