How to move the focus to a button in Velo code

How do I move the focus in Velo code to a button?

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
After a form is filled in (including some field values are set in Velo code), I want to move the focus to an Update button (as a visual reminder to the user they need to click this button or their changes won’t be saved).

What have you already tried:

Additional information:
Obviously, this doesn’t work because the Wix button does not support the focus method (like text fields do).

if it is not existing, then you also can’t use it, that’s right. No way for you!

Really no way? :thinking: :grin:

Well there is a way, if you take an HTML-Component or a Custom-Element into consideration.

But this would mean to code the form on your own in HTML+JS, withing the component and connect your Wix-Page (website) to the component.