How to not require members to re-enter information when submitting to a database?

Description of situation: Hi there. I am building a strongly sport members orientated website where a member will submit to 3 databases: their custom profile (public to view), their equipment collection, and their tournament results.
The equipment collection and tournament results databases are displayed as tables on their profile pages. At the moment I have to filter these tables by the full name fields on the dataset, eg: full name from tournament results dataset contains full name from member profile.
While this works, it means that for every new input of tournament results the member submit, they need to RE-ENTER their full name. And it means if they slightly mistype their full name that the filter won’t find that submission, OR, someone that has the same full name will have their results included in the dataset filter.

Note: TeamTribe Item is the name of the dataset for the dynamic profile page (where member inputs their public profile information)

What I am looking for: What I want is when a logged in member goes to submit their latest tournament results or add to their equipment collection, that it will automatically fetch/grab the logged in users owner-id/member-id (or whatever is required for this to work) and add it to the database so I can create a filter around that. Naturally what come to mind is their owner id (_owner), however wix filters don’t let me filter by owner despite it probably being the most useful type of filter haha. It only lets me filter by logged in user which means that no one else can see their profile.

I hope I am describing this in a comprehensible manner, though do let me know if you need screenshots or further explanation. I’ve been searching the forum for ages now and cannot find something that works, so will be greatly appreciative and relived for any help people can offer.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: