How to obtain an authorization token for calling ?

I would like to know how to get an access token that can be used for calling

The idea is calling this rest API from a server with no user interaction involved.

Currently it works with a test token from

Thank you

Sample Code In Ruby

  TOKEN = "o71isC_MZHWWZVWXVscCCqvtM_..."
  def self.wix_orders(event_id)
    url = " eventId=#{event_id}&offset=0&limit=100&fieldset=DETAILS&fieldset=FORM&fieldset=TICKETS&facet=status"
    json_response = HTTParty.get(url, headers: {"Authorization" => HdWixEvent::TOKEN})
    response = JSON.parse(json_response&.body)

Check the wix-fetch api.