How to pass in authorization parameters into external audio player sources?

Hi all,

I use the wix audio player property ‘src’ to assign dynamically mpg-files URIs hosted on a external host.
The host uses basic authentication to secure the files from unauthorized access.

Is there any property/functionality that I have overlooked that enables to pass through these credentials?

Thanks in advance.

BR Andre

It’s a question for the external host. If they have an API for that you can use it.

Like I said, the host secures its resources by basic authentification that one has to handover in the http request ( headers.Authorization=Basic 723hc8s782349349…) How can I handover these credentials to the audioplayer control? The only thing that wix-Audioplayer supports is to change the src property. Or is there something that I overlooked ? br andre

See here how to use wix-fetch + example with headers:

@jonatandor35 sorry to bother you. I know how to fetch data with authorization. But where can I get in between the communication of wix-audio-player control and the external server. The control expects an URI that refers to the resource …

Looks like there is no solution with the standard audio control for my business challenge …