How to print an iframe element with content from a different domain

I posted a similar question earlier, but without the cross-origin fact in the title. And, it appears that this is the essential issue. The content in this particular iframe is from my private Sharepoint cloud site (an MS Office 365 spreadsheet). I received helpful replies about how to print an iframe, but a few of these have pointed out that their solution requires that the content in the iframe needs to be from the same domain. That’s not possible in this situation.

I have a MS Office 365 worksheet that I’ve embedded into my Wix website as an iframe element. The worksheet presents and works as intended, however, it can’t be printed. It used to be that if someone printed the webpage just using the browser’s print function, the iframe element would print, too. But, now that method omits the iframe altogether–it’s just blank. So, I’m looking for a way to print either 1) the entire page with the iframe element, or 2) just the iframe element. Any ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated.