How to refer to "(" in a regex?

Hi All,

How can I refer to “(” in a regex? I want to hold that character as a user types. I also need to hold “)” after 3 digits. Any help would be awesome!


What do you mean by holding “)”?
This forum is specialised with wix code product, you can check out this site about regular expressions.

Hi Or,

Every time I try to refer to a parentheses in a regex, it messes up to code.
ex: / \ ( /
but this is read by wix as an open parentheses. This messes up the code running. I also tried referring to it by it unicode \u0040, it says the code is invalid.
I want to have the ( pop up at the beginning of the string with a ) at the end as the user types. That’s what I meant by “holding” it.
Thanks for the help!