How to show a messagebox after an operation is done?

On a page displayng items, the user has a button that allows to extract some data dand allow him to work with it outside the application. By code, I use wixquery to extract the appropriate data, format it and push to the clipboard . Yhe user can then pass it to Excel and do what he wants with it.
As nothing is visible when the code is performed, I would like to give some information saying that the operation was successful (or not) and requested data is available in the clipborad. (like a messagebox in other languages).
I did not find any way to perform this?
What is the best simple method for displaying this message?


Do you have any code currently ??
I can’t guess your code (naturally)

But, this may help you →

FOr information the code is :

export function buttonExport_click(event) {

wixData.query( "jobApplication01" ) 
.limit( 1000 ) 
.ascending( 'nomDeFamille' ) 
.then( (results) => { 

//const NbRecords = results.items.length;
var ExportString;
ExportString = “” ;
const Tab = String.fromCharCode( 9 );
const CRLF = String.fromCharCode( 10 );
var LocalDate;

// handle comuln titile

ExportString +=  "nomDeFamille"  + Tab 
ExportString +=  "prenom"  + Tab 
ExportString +=  "email"  + Tab 
ExportString +=  "Nombre personnes"  + Tab 
ExportString +=  "DateInscription"  + CRLF 

//loop to load data requested
for ( var i = 0 ; i < results.items.length; i++) {

// conversion date
LocalDate = results.items[i].submissionTime;
LocalDate = LocalDate.toLocaleDateString();

    ExportString += results.items[i].nomDeFamille + Tab 
    ExportString += results.items[i].firstName + Tab 
    ExportString += results.items[i].email + Tab 
    ExportString += results.items[i].numero + Tab 
    ExportString += LocalDate + CRLF 


//That is where I want to confirm that data is available in clipboard ???

} ); 


Try this →

If you want to open a lightbox after the ‘copyToClipboard’ function →

.then(() => {

Instead of “LightboxName” put your lightbox’s name…

If you want to show a box after the ‘copyToClipboard’ function →
#box1 - box to show

.then(() => {

I never heard about Lightbox before, so I had a look on the documentation and I tested, and it is exactly what I wanted. Many thanks.

Your Welcome !!!
…to know that it was useful !!