How to Show Compounded Options Costs

I have products that have multiple options that can be selected, then added to the base cost of the product. For instance, the basic product costs is 2000.00, with no options. Selecting option “A” would add 200.00 to the base cost. Selecting option "B would add 100.00. Selecting both options “A” and option “B” would add 300.00, for a total of 2300.00 for the purchase. I’m not seeing a way in the product setup area to accomplish this with separate, selectable options. Is there a way?

For the real-life demo, go to the link below (disregard the crap temp photo) and click the Add to Cart button. The options will show “Active Pickups” and “Chambered,” which can be purchased separately, or combined. Is there a way to select both and have the combined total show in the cart?


Hi @cayce ,

This request can be done with Velo by Wix .

Please visit the Velo forum for code support.

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Was checking and your options seems to work. If I select some the options, the price changes accordingly . Based on the wording, you can make a variant for Active Pickups & Chambered and then the price to $2300. There is a request from the Wix Stores team to be able to sell customizable product options that you can vote on here .

If you do want to go the Velo route, these examples may help but would suggest visiting the Velo forum as Certified Code mentioned.