How to stick/pin a large overlapping image to header on just the home page?

How to stick/pin an image to header on just the home page?

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I would like for an image that I have attached to the header that actually overlaps onto the page on the home page, NOT to appear on other pages.

The gold hexagons are carrying over to other pages via the header.

You can make two headers, have one appear on the home page with the gold hexagons and another header for your other pages. Just go to master sections and edit which pages they display on.

Master sections?? Can you provide an image with instruction? I cannot find that. Thanks.

Apparently it cannot be done. It’s possible that I need Editor X?

you can make 2 sections to use in the header and use a show/hide code for the pages that require what you want.
or…I havn’t used the old editor in a while but I’m sure you could pin the header and make transparent. add the image to the section below the header.

What I ended up doing (because I am apparently using the old editor):

  1. I attached the image to a strip, and then moved the image up to the header (moved without dragging, but instead with the arrow keys). This keeps is attached to the strip, even though it’s far away from it.

It’s a work around if you’re still working with the original editor.