How to sync/integrate changing metal prices with products?

Hey everyone. I have a Jewellery website and as you know the rates of gold and silver keep changing daily. Is there a simple way I can change the prices of my products daily with a few clicks or a short method? Cause changing individual product will take an eternity. If you have any ideas kindly share them along with some explanation

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @j1sonar

Are you looking for some sort of converter for the pricing?

Something like this?
(I know this is for currency but just as an example)

@eduardog Kind of but not exactly. I just want to be able to change the prices of my products everyday. I can import them but thatโ€™s a hassle. Product prices vary according to the commodity market rates.

@j1sonar ok I think I get it - this is probably beyond my technical knowledge but feels possible using Velo. I did some research and found this article;

You may want to ask this question here , so our Velo experts can chime in.