HTML Embed Component just disappeared.

Hi guys! What happend with the HTML Embed Component that I saw in the APP Market on Editor X and when I tried to add it to my web page, something went wrong (a bad link from the APP Market). I thought it was a little mistake that can resolve it easily but now I see that HTML Embed Component just disappeared. It´s important that Editor X users have this component for add external .svg files with HTML code.

Thank you so much.


Thank you for contacting us about this. We apologize for the experience.

Currently, Editor X does not support the HTML Embed. We are actively working on developing the functionality.

It was removed from the app market to decrease confusion.

We’d love to know how you planned on using it, all details will help us understand how we can improve.


The original selection you made was probably stuck in cache. I saw it, and then it was removed temporarily to make improvements. I believe it’s scheduled for release next month.


Thank you.

It will be great! :heart:

I would like to use the HTML embed to show material published with Yumpu.


Thank you for sharing with our team!

Glad I saw this: Was looking for the same thing. We use a very large 3rd party rendering program to build and design corral systems to cattle handling. Drag and drop your panels/gates/etc and it spits out a floor plan along with a bill of material… Super big PITA to code… Having this HTML embed is a big feature - hope to see it next release.

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Yeah, I would love to have HTML embed as a feature just as in the current Wix build. I use it for displaying an interactive map for navigation on my website. See

Thank you for sharing!
We will take all of this detail into consideration while we are developing the feature.

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Also glad to see this, we need to have an HTML Embed to show a live ticker from a campaign, and also allow people to donate on the site. Definitely Hoping to see this soon @sebi-vidret !

Also, I enjoyed the product reveal in the live video last week.

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I need it to embed an iFrame Interactive video.

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@sebi-vidret to add - Google Sheets (Charts, Tables, Graphs) and Google Data Studio reports. Thanks!

We are glad to announce that the HTML Embed is now avialable in the Editor X!

Please share any questions, feedback, and comments on the main thread:

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Nice. High-five to the Wix development team.

Next step over old Wix editor: Dynamic linking?.. Hint hint?

I had to write a whole api script to link my dataset field to a dynamic url.

I mean… It works. But it’d sure be sweet if it it was already within Wix ;).

Great job again!