I Am More than Happy to Pay for a "Fetch"

Here’s the deal, my friends. I need a “fetch” that can see if my embedded streamers are actually streaming. If someone can code an example for me that does this, I’ll not only pay you $100 US. I will create a video that promotes you, showing how it was done.

There are a few other things I need to do with this line of code, but I know enough Corvid to figure that out for myself. I just can’t seem to get the fetch to work. Moreover, I really can’t keep blowing all this time on trying to figure it out.

Let’s work together and get it done. I’d be so grateful.

Here’s my website:

Scroll down to the HLLTC Stream Team section. I want my fetch code to see if these streamer are in fact streaming. With your working fetch code, I will then code a simple .gif to appear when members of my stream team are live. I will also code the list of streamers to reorganize according to who is streaming and then populate the html panels according to who is streaming.

I just can’t figure out the fetch, and I’m out of time.

Here’s an example of the video that I will create to introduce this fetch to the gaming community I am a part of. I have 2000+ members of my own with 2300+ in my YouTube. But I have access to over 30,000. . . So, this is an opportunity for whoever can accomplish the task.

I will pay you and produce a video like this, complete with links to your services:

David Allen Farrell (aka GOD-sSs-END).
First come, first served.

Hi David,
Per our community guidelines , we don’t allow solicitation posts in the Forum. You can hire a developer in the Wix Marketplace . Good luck!