I can't get my drop down to connect. Please can anyone help

The website I am working on is www.artinthepen.org.uk

I’m trying to create a catalog of artists for both of our 2018 events. I would like the page to have a dropdown box where the user can select either our Thirsk or Skipton event. The repeater should then populate with artists who are going to be at whichever event has been selected.

The problem I have is that I can’t get my drop down box to connect. I have set my database up as per the image below and quickly added a few entries so I can test it. You can see that I have ticks next to which event the artist is exhibiting at. However, when I go to “Connect Dropdown” all the options are greyed out. I’m guessing that I can’t use the tick boxes that I currently have and instead need to use text?

I would be very grateful is someone could tell me:

A) the correct way to set up my database to allow this
B) how to then get my dropdown working.

I’m guessing that once you select the option from the dropdown, the repeater automatically brings up the desired information. If this is wrong, please could someone correct me?

Last thing - the finished database will bring up either 120 or 190 entries depending on which event is picked. Can the repeaters be set up with an Infinity Scroll option, or a “Load More”? I’m hoping this can be done easily without code.

Any pointers would be massively appreciated!

Hi Phillip,

can artist go to a single event? either Thirsk or Skipton?
dropdown should not be connected to the database, just set the values in the dropdown and connect an onchange event.
on this event create a function to run the filter against the dataset http://www.wix.com/code/reference/wix-dataset.html#setFilter


Hi. Some artists will be at both events, while other side will just be at one of the two events. I would like visitors to be able to choose to see Thirsk / Skipton / all.

I don’t know how to set the values. When i tried, the options were greyed our. I also don’t know what’s an onchange event is. Please could explain?

I should stress that I have been working with wix sites for years but have zero knowledge of coding.

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please have a look again, try the following code in your page:

export function dropdown1_change(event, $w) {
	  .eq("location", $w("#dropdown1").value)
	  .or(wixData.filter().eq("location", "all"))

wix code assumes basic knowladge of javascript coding, please also have a look at WixCode documentation for further examples, or look at wix arena for a professional to help :slight_smile:

good luck!