I get an alert box on two pages on my website

Does anyone know what is going on here. This only shows up on one page then I duplicated it and it does the same thing on the dup.
I can’t seem to find the reason for this since other pages do not do this. This happens in the Editor & on the live page.



This forum is specifically for questions about Corvid by Wix.

Have you added any code to the page on your site where this pops up or did you embed a site using an iFrame?

If you have added code to your page please send us a snippet of the code and a link to your site. If you have not added any code or are using an iFrame please contact Wix Support .

Dara | Corvid Team

Thanks for the reply, ill contact support and send a ticket. I didn’t find the support when I was looking thanks for the link.