I need help with HTML Component

I have updated this code on the HTML component( Wix embedded).

<script type="application/html" crossorigin="anonymous" src="{HOST}/merchantpgpui/checkoutjs/merchants/{MID}.js"onload="onScriptLoad();"></script>
function onScriptLoad(){
var config = {
"root": "",
"flow": "DEFAULT",
{"orderId": "",/* update order id */
"token": "", /* update token value */
"tokenType": "TXN_TOKEN",
"amount": "" /* update amount */
"handler": {
console.log("notifyMerchant handler function called");
console.log("eventName => ",eventName);
console.log("data => ",data);
} } };

I need to post the txn token, order id, and amount from the frontend to the HTML component.
Would you please help me with this?.
I have been trying to achieve this for the past 13hrs.

Thanks in advance.


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