I need to use a third-party payment gateway

I’m trying to use a third-party payment gateway and in order to connect to that gateway I need to be able to establish a secure SSL connection from the server. Because of the gateway’s security model, the connection cannot be initiated from the client. Is there a way that we can integrate with a third-party payment gateway in this manner?

Take a look at the Stripe Payment Processing example.

i have a unique problem i am a Kratom vendor and it needs a high risk merchant that has to be installed manually. Which i can’t find a way to do that

@martin24 You need to check with the vendor and see if a REST API is available. See the article Accessing 3rd-Party Services on interfacing information. Also, for real live examples that you can use as “templates” for your own REST API interfacing:

Does third part payment API integration is possible in WIX or not? as the current WIX restaurant payment is not working in BELGIUM? Its messed up and they are not able to find where the problem is. Yesterday I was on call for 2 hrs with them but they have no clue why this is happening. Maestro or Bancontact which is a local payment provider of belgium is not working on thr website? Can any one help here ?

i need to use UPI method also? is it possible

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