I want to create an Upsell on cart page

I want to create an auto upsell with corvid. Let me explain better what I want to do.

I want to filter price and collection between currentItems and upsellItem. An example: If the total price of cart is 20TRY upsell product price must be less than 15 (X-5 = less than price value). The first filter is this, the second filter is filtering by collection. These are collections and the upsell product and current product need at least one common collection.

After filtering, code will check the products database and it will find the matching products with the current product. (Also upsell product can not be the same product as current products) Then it will insert the product into the area on the second image. Also, it will add the add to the cart button there.

My main question is which API’s I should use and can I do that on Wix?

I did it btw