I want a message system between Babysitters and parents. I am trying to do this for a month …

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Is is like a chat system or more like an inbox system? If you create a data collection called Messages and inside that you have to, from (as references?), subject, message as text and then read as boolean. Then when one parent is sending to a babysitter the from is the parents userId and the to is the babysitters userId. Then on the Inbox page you use a dataset and set the filter to Same as logged in user connected to the TO field and in the SENT box the same but the from fields.

That would work, then how you are going to make notifications to them is another thing, maybe some sendgrid actions can be inserted into data.js for a data hook when AFTER INSERT in the Messages data collection trigger send an email to the user in the to field.

Kind of complicated but not possible at all.



The problem is how to show the message the babysitter send to that particular parent

I have no time supporting through mail this week, I only do support here in the forums this week.

Dear Andreas,

Thank you allot for all your help for slack. But know I have just one problem left with my communicating system. I will pay you I promise if you find the solution and also I will promote you on my site! (we can be work partners). Okay so what is the problem?

The problem is is that I want a message system where parents can chat with Babysitters. The parents log in and make an account and then go to by clicking on ‘oppastieners’ at the top and then click on the profile of Amelie. It still just works with Amelie and Julie! (that’s not the problem :)) But just for that you know. Then on the Babysitter profile click on: a button ‘klik om te contacteren’ under the button ‘in contact komen’ if you click on that you will get to a message center. Fill in your email and a message and the message is send. If you know click on gestuurde berichten you will find your message. (okay for know everthing works)

The problem is is that if the Babysitter send a message the message ‘QWQWQ’ will be viewable for everybody who has an account and views Amelie her page but I want that the only person who can view "QWQWQ’ is the one that send a message to Amelie first. The babysitter can send messages at the babysitterkids update page. I am not so far that I created that part. I first want to complete the part for the parents.

Are you able to this? Or do you have any questions. Let me know ps: you are still able to edit and publish my site.

Dataset for messages by babysitters = berichtensysteem-userid
Dataset for messages by Parents = berichtensysteem


I could of course but I have no time for any projects until 3 weeks from now and projects keep coming in and filling my calendar.


All these functions are coming soon to wix. I don’t know any eta and no one at wix will tell it.But member to member chat support including group chat is being planned by wix team. :wink::wink:

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Check out this post: https://www.wix.com/code/home/forum/community-discussion/chat-messenger-built-with-wix-code