If Else - Input - Collection

Hello, i want to do password screen,

  1. I will type password to “input”

  2. Click Enter

  3. All blank titles fill with my collection words.

For example i will type “hello” to input box All of labels filled with first line of collection. When i type “super” to input box, all of blank labels which is in page, they will fill with second line of my collection.

How can i do this with velo? I have to do this in one page.

I need to use like this code but i dont know well velo’s coding language:

 if input.text ="hello" then
label1text =collection1.title
label2.text = collection1.IDno
else if 
input.text ="super" then
label1.text = collection2.title
label2.text = collection2.IDno
end if

Hello from the Wix DevRel Team!

I’m not sure that I fully understand what you’re asking for, but here’s how you’d write the pseudocode you wrote out above in JavaScript, which is what Velo uses:

if (input.text === "hello") {

then label1text =collection1.title
label2.text = collection1.IDno

} else if (input.text === "super") {

label1.text = collection2.title
label2.text = collection2.IDno

} else {


No guarantees that it will work in the context of your project (I should also say that you have to put it inside of a function like the default onReady() function), but hopefully this is a good jumping off point to get you started.

Hope this helps!