Iframe and Console issue

I have an issue with the iframe, the script I sent to onesignal from my sites console of a specific page passes and gets to onesignal but the same script added to html component of that page doesnt work, help please!!

Not enough info. Please elaborate.

@jonatandor35 When you want to send user information after an event from a wix website to trigger a notification from onesignal, you have to first of all register on onesignal, copy the init code with your app id and paste in the header of your wix site for all pages, this will give your users that visit your website a prompt to accept or reject notifications from your website. This has been added successfully. To send a notification to the user from onesignal triggered by a users activity, you have to add a push function into an iframe so that when the user clicks the button created by the added code in the iframe then the event sets the users activity in onesignal and subsequently triggers a notification to the user from onesignal immediately or after sometime. This code added to the iframe did not successfully set the users information in onesignal after the button was clicked but when I use the js section of the code in the developer console of the same webpage, the users information was successfully set in onesignal. What s wrong with the iframe?