Image 'Tags'


I have roughly 3000 images in my gallery, and each image is associated with a number of different Keywords.

When I import the image, the metadata is not automatically entered into the tags (which is understandable). Thus, I want to go image by image, and copy/paste the metadata (files) into the ‘Tags’ section in Editor X (Media Manager).

The problem is, when I copy/paste a list of keywords/tags that are separated by commas, Editor X Media Manager only takes the first tag.

Does anyone know a method for me to enter these tags in more easily?


Keyword/Tag Example:

File Name: Test0001.jpg
Keywords: sports, fishing, outdoors, adventure, Test Client, Test Agency, etc. (Some images have up to 20 tags)

One solution I started to consider, was to take each image, copy the Keywords, paste them into a word document, replace every , with a . and then paste it into Editor X Media Manager. But this doesn’t work, because it appears that tags have a maximum number of characters you can use per tag.

I export the database with tedious content to a CSV and work remotely in the spread sheet. You will need to see what code is exported for the various tags you have. Perhaps make sure you have an example of one of each for ease of copying and pasting.

I’m intrigued by this. Could you kindly elaborate?

@evantaylorstudios When working remotely, off-site with a content database’s spreadsheet, sometimes you will need to know how to add data that is generated by the system when reference tags, multi-referencing, and other code that is not straight forward text.

For example, in one of my database, there is a cross reference to another database where the multi-reference is listed as [“1a92eceb-92ec-4155-a212-7d611eaeb63f”] in the export, when it is really just “Graphic Design”.

Tags are easier, as in the exported CSV, it is listed like such [“Art”] which is my tag for Art.

So, you will need either do some of the work offline and handle the type of details aforementioned separately, or capture the code for all your tags and multi-references so that you can add them manually offline.

I preferred doing what is easy online and doing what is harder offline. So, if you having trouble with Tags, find out what the code is for each of your tags and create a cheatsheet to copy and paste into the spreadsheet offline.

IN YOUR CASE you can not copy and past online, you will need to select them one by one. It will look something like this in the spreadsheet; [“Art”,“Business”] which essentially includes the tags “Art” and “Business”. Much easier than working with Multi-references.

You export to CSV by clicking on the three dots while in the content manager online.

I hope this helps.

@teejay Thank you so much!

@teejay , by any chance do you know how to more easily connect my images in the Content Manager? Here’s my most recent roadblock - Link