IMPORTANT WIX WEBPAGE GONE (conatining official information for patients at home with COVID from doctors)

​Dear Wix!

I have 2 pages at your service. and Couple of days ago they are gone… I don’t know if somebody’s hacked them or not? When I try to access them, I get the message: “We Looked Everywhere For This Page! (Error 404)”. I can not login as well, the page says “Login with gmail is temporarily unavailable”. I am a general practitioner from Hungary, the first webpage is my office’s official page. It has lots of information for my patients regarding especially the manaement of COVID at home. I get lots of mails that it is unavailable, it’s a huge problem for us now. Please do something, help somehow, try to get my pages restored if you can. I don’t want to say that “peoples lives depends on it”, but it’s very close…

Matyas Palmai M.D. from Hungary

I write this here because I’ve found a similar post here and someone here could help and managed to restore it - sorry if it’s off topic. Thank you!

Understand that this forum is not a support site, and is not monitored for bugs or system issues. Please report bugs to Wix Customer Care to ensure timely handling of your problem. They track and monitor all incoming issues and will escalate bugs to product teams.

Dear Yisrael,

Thank you, I know and sorry again it was a desperate call for help after searching the web what could went wrong and how to restore… I’ve already reported the issue to the Custoner Care, I hope someone answers.