In the need of a form where I can preview the price of summary by choosing different options without a submit button (ajax)

As explained in the picture.

I did not use buttons but containerbox because of the lack of design in the buttons.

I have single (like radiobuttons groups) or multiple clicks in on group.

Price (blue box) should be updated just by clicking an option, checkout is not required, only preview

It would be very kind to help me out on this, I got some email from wix support but not sure where to start.

Specifically, you can use the following APIs in your setup the following:

  1. Store all the “selected” items in the global variable of object type;
  2. Add onClick () event for each box to react when the box is clicked;
  3. Inside the onClick, use if-statement to check if the relevant property already exists in the global variable:
    2.1. If yes: delete the relevant property from the object;
    2.2. if no: add the relevant property and the corresponding value to the global object
  4. Display the final result in the text element using its text property to render the final price
  5. If necessary, use Pay API to create payment for the custom amount

Thank you