Incentivizing with site credits or in another way when a user requests a feature and it gets implemented

Perhaps this idea might sound crazy, but I believe it could encourage more people to participate in requesting features for the site.

For example, if someone requests a feature and it gets implemented, they could receive a reward of $10 or less in the form of credits for future purchases of plans or other site features, similar to what will be available in the marketplace later on.

Another issue I’ve noticed is that I’ve submitted several feature requests, and there isn’t a screen that shows whether someone has reviewed them or at least taken a look, whether they’re being considered, or if they’ve been rejected for some reason.

This makes me hesitant to continue submitting requests because I don’t see if anyone is reading them, and it can be quite discouraging.

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@rodolfoboscan911 I love this idea! We are working on ways to give credit where credit is due. We of course want people to suggest features they want and need, and your idea of an incentive could aid in the collection of great feature requests.

Like you mentioned, more transparency around feature requests is very important and is a main goal we’re currently working on. Again, I love your idea of being able to see that a request was reviewed.

I’ll be passing this onto the team. Keep the great ideas coming!!

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