Incosistent collection items count

Here we go again,
Total Items in my Live=579

Total items being count & loaded in the site = 578

The code is this:

 $w("#dataset1").onReady( () => {
  console.log("The dataset is ready");

   $w("#table1").onDataChange( (event) => {
 var msg2 = ('Data loading...');
 let count = $w("#dataset1").getTotalCount(); 
        console.log("Total items count is",count)
        $w("#counter").text = String(count);
 if ($w("#counter").text === "1") {
        } else {$w("#text12").show();

What am I missing here please?

Maybe you have set a dataset filter via the editor?

There are filters on the dataset, in the Editor, but they have not been changed for months. Today I added 5 items and only 4 of them are loaded. Something seems/feels ‘stuck’ or ‘broken’.

@gemats If you remove the filters, do you see the correct number?

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@jonatandor35 Thank you for your time. It was an ‘internal’ thing in my model, I’ve had so much time to use this section of the site that I forgot a small bypass I’ve set to use to make things work. All good!

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