internal server errors when using wixUsers.approveByToken (sporadic)

I’m seeing sporadic “internal server errors” being logged, and users are failing to complete signup process with verifying email. It worked fine most times, including when I directly tested it. I announced the website to a limited amount of people today. About 3/7 users told me the email verification didn’t work, and I see these errors logged when calling wixUsers.approveToken.
More details:
The full error message of what I logged:
Error: server responded with - {“message”:“internal_error, details: {}”,“details”:{“error”:“internal_error”,“category”:“internal_error”}} (500)

Also, when I click on the email verification link after I already manually approved those users, I see such internal errors logged twice. The fact that it won’t approveByToken after it’s approved is ok, but these errors are not.
@brett-haralson @Wix people, this is a disaster. I can’t seriously launch a platform with so many stability issues. Please get to the bottom of this soon.

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I will make sure someone takes a look at this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Thanks. Already had a thread about wix.user stability issues here too, but those issues eventually went away

Here’s the link to my editor
The page calling that code and failing is post-register confirmation

@experimentnoxx Hello. I did some testing with the mentioned wixUsers.approveByToken function, based on the scenario that you’ve implemented and it worked fine.

Also, I was able to recreate the server error that you mentioned in your initial message. It happens every time when user resends approval request via verifyLink from the email message that you’re sending to complete the registration.

I.e. if you get the confirmation email, click on the verifyLink and refresh your browser, you should get this error. It doesn’t mean that something is not working, it just indicates that you’re trying to use approveByToken method on the user, who was already approved.
Although, I must admit that the message itself is not quite self-explanatory and our developers need to fix it to be so.

Regards, Aleksander

Also, if you still see that there are issues with registration process on your website, I’d suggest to try to isolate the registration flow to better see which exact part is failing and when. E.g. made a simplify flow without sending email confirmation (using a direct link instead) or without registering system errors in the database (you can use Corvid Site Monitoring feature to catch backend logs on the fly).

Please let me know if you still see this issue

Regards, Aleksander

@experimentnoxx Hi. An update:
More tests has revealed a different issue, which your users most probably were dealing with: same server error appears when you confirm registration not immediately, but in 5 minutes after generating the token. I’ve notified our developers about this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience

@aleksander-denga Good catch! (we both obviously check immediately when the email arrives whether it works, and so thought it does) Yes, users are obviously likely to encounter this. This makes token verification unusable for practicable purposes, and means I’m absolutely stuck with my site. I imagine this is hurting other Wix users too. Any ETA for a fix on this?
and thanks @brett-haralson for indeed making someone (good) look at this

@experimentnoxx I don’t have clear ETA currently, but I’ll make sure this issue gets needed attention.
Will update here once we have a fix

Regards, Aleks

@aleksander-denga ok, thanks.
BTW, did you sign up twice, with users called ff and fff? Or is that a bot proving I need email verification?

@experimentnoxx Yes, I think it was me testing.

Hi @experimentnoxx . This issue was resolved recently and the token now lives for 30 hours. This will be reflected in the documentation soon.

Regards, Alex

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