Interractive sliders


Wanted to know how its made?

I see it’s section with animated background, thats pretty easy with EDITOR X.

But how you can animate the slide down? Is this JQUERY or a plugin?

Edit it’s WebGL for 3D. Not so easy


Wow it took my browser ages to open it. Great site tho, very interesting.
I’d dare to say websites or portals like these are really ambitious and tend to target people (potencial costumers) who have really powerful machines… not for the average web user.
Yep it’s 3D WebGL and some JavaScript for locking vertical scroll; two languages that are currently not supported by the Wix Corvid as far as I know… sorry

For your informations :
Also it’s webGL and HTML 5 working withGPU.

Work super well on mobile and responsive.