Invitation Code for Wix Mob App

Where to get invitation code for this Wix Code Forum? Anybode knows? Pls share. Thanks.

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Tx for the link - however I am already using the Wix mobile app for Wix Blog ana Wix Forum. I want to iclude this fWic Code orum to my wix mobile app so that to read posts in Wix Mobile app. In order to do that I need invitation code. Tx again.

Oh okay, I got you now, I was assuming that you meant one of the current Wix apps. As for being able to use the Wix Code Forum through the Wix app, I didn’t know that we could do otherwise I would have used this option myself.

Each Wix Site can be added in mobile Wix App if you have invitation code. This one is Wix site with Wix forum app.

Yes I am aware of that, however I’ve never known this Wix Code Forum to give out any invitations so that it can be viewed via the Wix Mobile App.

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Any wix site can be opened in Wix Mobile App.

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