Is there a way to control the hover speed for the buttons?

Hi together,

in Editor X the buttons are very slow. What I mean is, if you hover above a button its a very slow animation from the regular state to the hover state. I think it would be more esthetic, if it reacts instantly.

Is there a way to control this? Maybe a code?

thanks to everyone.


I’ve never paid attention to this, interesting query
could you share with us some kind of screencast with hoover speed?

hi, thanks for your reply.

you can test it by yourself by creating a button with a hugh different between the regular state and the haver state.

If you have a button with maybe an arrow to the right and its have to slide to the right by hovering, its cool to be slowly so you can follow the animation. But when the button changing its color, its more effektiv when the color change is instantly.

So a speed configuration for the buttons like you have for the hover interactions will be great.