Is there a way to import a current site to Editor X?

I have not been able to find an answer searching. If say one was to have a Beta Invite to Editor-X, can they import a current website to it, or does one need to make a brand new website to use it?

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You can’t, it would have to be rebuilt in X.

Okay. Thank you. Is that ever going to be an option? Or should I just start rebuilding it in X now?
Seems like that is something that should happen or they would be telling everyone who has websites that they either can’t use X or can but have to start all over again if they want too.

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There’s an option now if you go to
then select site actions on a normal wix editor site, you can select “Rebuild in Editor X” and it imports it for you; granted its very buggy right now. You can revert back to your old save on normal editor at any time!

You’ll get better assistance at these locations:

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