Is there any way to delete a field forever?

I know I can move a field to trash, but then the same field key won’t be available for use.
I decided to delete a field from my collection and create a calculated field (afterQuery hook) instead with the same field key, but it doesn’t work as expected since the field key already exists.
Any advice?

I don’t think they have made it possible as of today.

You can delete an entire collection (in 7 days) but not a field.

I’m wondering why they planned it like that. It makes no sense.

I agree - it’s annoying. The idea behind this is to protect the user from wreaking havoc on their site by deleting a field (or collection) that is actually being actively used. For the same reason, while a Field Name can be changed, the Field Key is permanent - until the Sun collapses into itself and then explodes into a supernova.

These issues were discussed at length with arguments from all viewpoints: from caution to wreckless abandon. Ultimately, it was decided to protect the user, and to protect the Wix support team, by equipping the database with digital airbags.

@yisrael-wix I guessed that was the reason. It can teach you a lot about the vision of Corvid and its limitations.

@jonatandor35 As the product evolves, limitations can hopefully be removed, or at least mitigated by new approaches, additional features, and magical incantations. The direction that Corvid is taking is to provide a powerful and comprehensive development environment. But not at the expense of allowing disasters to occur as a result of a few misguided keystrokes.

@yisrael-wix Hey Yisrael, I believe the situation has changed, right? Now we can actually delete database fields (permanently & instantly) along with databases, am i correct?

Just wanting to confirm this.