Issue changing (horizontal menu) spacing between categories

Hey everyone, this may be a dumb question for someone using the editor for a while…
How do you change the spacing in between the different categories on a header (horizontal) menu? I got my design down but the spacing is too spread apart making the categories on the end fall in a “More” drop down box even though there is more than enough gap to narrow entire thing up.
I can’t find any related info on the net or in the forum about it. Is this feature available yet or how do you get around it?

if can understand you right, for this, you need to use Styled Horizontal Menus:

Hey Andrew, thanks for your response
Yea apparently this was the problem for some reason the “Horizontal Menus” have less options(settings) to tweak than the “Styled” ones do which is odd cause there is no documentation referring to this anywhere.

I feel like the user(editor) should be notified of this at some point since it’s not obvious, for example looking at them both I though “Styled” meant “ready to go animated or stylized” how would I know it will have less options especially something this basic in a menu as “Horizontal Spacing”.

At the end I did figure it out 36 hours of googling later, the key word was “Distance” and there is only one article that is not exactly related but gave me a hint.

Anyways thanks again Andrew!
I edited the post tittle using all of the keywords, so it should come up as a solution in the future if anyone has trouble with it.

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good suggestions, we will bring this to the relevant team for the feature be more obvious to use

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