Issue displaying text from content manager only using the code console.

I need a second set of eyes to look at this code and tell me why it isn’t displaying my text. I’ve attached a picture of my code, of my console.log, and also two pictures of my repeater to show that the ids match the ones referenced in my code. Please help! I don’t see anything wrong with it. I should note that what I really want to do is display itemData.displayedText because it’s Rich Text and I want it to be a clickable link. In the example photos, however, I’m just trying to display the title just as a sanity check.

Perhaps this one…

    .eq("menuItems", "Departments")
        let idIndex = 0
            item._id = String(idIndex++)
        $w("departmentsRepeater").data = res.items

    $w("departmentsRepeater").onItemReady(($item, itemData, index){
        $item("title").text = itemData.title

And next time please do not use pics to show your code. It is waste of time to write your code again, although you could show it the same way by using → CODE-TAGs, like i did it.

Thanks :wink: