Issue in Safari mobile size : Unexpected Blank at the bottom of the site

<Already Fixed. Thanks!>

When viewing the website with mobile size on iOS, there is an unexpected blank space under the footer. Please refer to the image below.
I’m using a Mac OS.
Chrome with PC : fine
safari with PC / safari with iOS / Chrome with iOS : has the blank issue only with mobile size.

Is there anyway to prevent this problem?

My site is here, so you can check the problem.

Hi, best to check all of your margins and heights of page, sections, grids and elements. In most cases these issues are caused by rogue values in px, vh etc.

Thanks jeroen!
I checked all the elements, and found out that hamburger menu’s grid has an unexpected value.

So, the problem has been fixed!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Good to hear. I had this numerous times. Editor X is powerful but can also be a bit unforgiving. Every margin, height etc needs to be want you want it to be. You cannot rely on the preview to find these types of issues. I always test on several devices. Apple devices tend to be even less forgiving.