Issue with buttons not working after page reload.

Hi all,

I have a dynamic page on my site, which basically has a bunch of input boxes for client details, so I can go in and view, edit and update details. Change the details, press update and the page reloads with the updated info.
This has worked great for about a year, but recently, after I’ve updated once and the page has reloaded, none of the buttons will trigger anything. The only way to get it to reliably work again is to go back to my client search and go in that way. Manually refreshing the page doesn’t work.

It’s strange that I have a separate set of dynamic pages displaying client data for a different part of the business, that never seems to have this issue?

Does anyone have any advice for this?

6 weeks with this problem and I found the issue an hour after posting. I had a block of OnItemReady code for a repeater in the page code twice. Seems it was occasionally tripping it up